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to innovate



to change the world
A team

with experience

of over 20 years
Efficience work

with specialists

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Other forms of company are possible

Terlas is a IT company that offers computing globals services and solutions for companies.
We combine a range of services with a

cross-cutting values to facilitate the creation of a responsible economic model. Thus, for example, if Terlas supplied a computer that consumes little energy, this benefits the company (less expense) and

at the same time favors the planet and its environment (energy-efficient) too.
In this way, the results are a combination of profit for the customer and responsible improving for the whole society.








The complexity of the projects require partnership, built on trust

Terlas is the partner of some of the first industries in the information technologies, which are complemented in the presentation of our services and that we have access to a range of exclusive advantages like equipments,

education, and competitive prices. One of the reason of the collaboration between this companies we will be get the best results. We think that the knowledge is in share it with the other companies.

We can't know all, but we can work together with the bests.


Scme obtains profits with own solutions


Services x principal = Results

We move objective the quality , functionality and return of inversion . We focus on what we do well. We try to simplify the everyday , redefining roles

activities and processes , to generate this quality time to be able to innovate. We believe the latest proven technologies and prepare the way for the new .

The products and services we provide to customers in its integrated value chain and respond to manufacture and supply the market demands.


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